Swimming Lessons for Adults in Los Angeles

Thanks to John Legend, who posted on social media about learning to swim as an adult, there has been a spotlight on adult swim lessons. Our office has seen a dramatic increase in people calling to inquire about adults swimming lessons Los Angeles.  This is thrilling because it’s just as important for adults to learn to swim as it is for children.


It may seem like a luxury for adults to take swim lessons - I mean, if you have lived your life so far without learning, you can certainly go all the way through without learning - but in truth, for many many adults, they live with some anxiety and fear around being in situations that involve swimming and water. They may resist any plans that take place around water and it can even make people feel ashamed and stigmatized for not knowing how to swim.  In fact there is no reason AT ALL to feel ashamed as it is simply circumstantial.  Depending on where you grow up, access to pools or water, financials, or if your parents didn’t swim, they may not have seen it as a priority for their children.  In any case, anyone can learn at any time! Especially in Los Angeles where access to pools and lessons is so plentiful, swimming lessons for adults is as common as ones for children.

No need to wait any longer! Sign up, either for private swim lessons or group, but don’t wait. There are plenty of opportunities to take lessons and practice swimming. Also, if you are a parent with children enrolled in swimming lessons it's all the more reason to improve your comfort level and skills! It will help your children learn faster too.