Baby Swim Lessons

Going into summer and coming out of May, drowning prevention month, water safety is on everyone’s mind. It's the perfect time to remind parents that the easiest and best way to start the journey of swimming and water safety is through swim classes for babies. Introducing your children to the water as infants builds positive associations with the water. It is also great bonding time with mom or dad. These early lessons establish a foundation for later on when your children are older and taking lessons independently. 


Baby swim classes are beneficial in so many ways. They support healthy growth and development both physically and mentally, and are the foundation for skills that will help them when they are older. Additionally, it is a great way for them to make friends and get some exercise which can them sleep better.  In the classes babies develop water comfortability as well as socialization and even friendships. Plus the classes are economical, so it's a great way to introduce swimming without a big price tag attached.  In general, I encourage all families to begin their child’s swim lesson journey in infancy.  By starting your baby in swim class early on and keeping your child exposed to the water consistently, they will be swimming and acclimated to the water by the time they are two. 

This is the really my favorite trick for getting your children swimming at a younger age; expose them early and then the skills that can be challenging later on such as getting their faces wet and going under the water will be non-issues after almost two years of baby swim classes!