KidSwim Policies

All Private Lessons and Drop-In Parent/Child classes

If you cancel with the office or your instructor 12 hours in advance of your lesson, you will not be charged for that lesson and it will remain in your account until you reschedule it. If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice, you will forfeit the lesson and it will be automatically deducted from your account.


Parent & Child 6 Week Session Classes (all age groups)

If you cancel with the office or your instructor 12 hours in advance of your class, you will be allowed, one free make-up class. If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice, you will forfeit your class and no make-up will be given.


Parent & Child Make-Up Classes

Clients are allowed one free make-up class per Parent & Child 6 week session (for all age groups) if they cancel with 12 hours notice or more. If any other make-ups are requested within that same session, there will be a $20 fee per each additional make-up class and up to a maximum of three extra make ups per client.


Cancellations due to WEATHER For All Lesson Types

kidSwim will elect to cancel lessons if the outside temperature drops below 66 degrees or there is heavy rain with a chance of thunder and lightning. If the client does not receive notification from the office then they must assume that class is continuing as planned. Should they elect to opt out that day, regular cancellation policy still applies.



No refunds will be given under any circumstances once your lesson package or class session has begun. If you decide that you need or wish to cancel your lesson package or class session prior to its commencement, you may do so up to 48 hours beforehand and receive a full refund. If you cancel 24 hours prior to beginning your package or session, a 50% refund will be given. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, no refund will be given.

Late Arrivals

Please understand most instructors are scheduled back to back and cannot extend the lesson time if you are late.


End of Season Credits

At the end of the season (mid-December), the kidSwim office will go through all of our clients profiles to determine if they have any private lessons remaining in their package. If so, kidSwim will credit your account with the remaining balance of lessons. These credits can be used towards future purchases the following season. No refunds will be given for lessons remaining at the end of the year; only credits.


Accidents Happen

Although we understand that accidents happen, if your child defecates in one of our pools, we must abide by a 24-hour closure and you will be responsible for cleaning fees. The costs of these fees amount to $300 per incident.


Pool Temperature

In order for our students to maintain focus and concentration, all of our kidSwim pools are kept between 88 and 90 degrees during the April through September months. February through April and October through December, we keep our pools around 92 degrees. We ask that if we come to your home pool to do lessons, that you also keep your pool temperature between 88-92 degrees as well. This is especially important for lessons with children age 6 months – 4 years. We do understand that not all homes/apartments have the ability to maintain this temperature but please do your best to keep it as warm as possible.

Quiet on the Set!

While kidSwim encourages parents to be present during 1:1 lessons, it is imperative that there are no interruptions during the class. Please refrain from talking to your child or the instructor while lessons are being conducted. If something occurs during lessons that you are concerned about, please discuss with the instructor AFTER the lesson has finished OR contact Jessica at [email protected].




The kidSwim team has been hand-picked by founder Lisa Cook. Many of our administrative staff and instructors have been with the company for upwards of five to seven years now and all of kidSwim’s instructors are certified and bonded and trained in kidSwim’s development method.

Phone: 888-579-7946