The kidSwim Method™

This year, we created The kidSwim Method™ which actually details how we utilize a developmental approach in order to maximize effective and positive learning for each and every child we work with. Aligning with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for developmental milestones, we address swim skills in the same format that they do, from a motor/communication/sensory framework. Our developmental swim method approaches teaching kids to love the water at each age and stage, focusing on specific motor/communication/sensory skill development. Our program is designed to enhance and support those skills and that growth. In addition, we add safety words and physical skills that are developmentally appropriate to the age group.

This is the key to real learning — to meet each child at where they are developmentally. Once they’ve gained confidence and acquired specific water skills, we can push them beyond their comfort zone.




The kidSwim team has been hand-picked by founder Lisa Cook. Many of our administrative staff and instructors have been with the company for upwards of five to seven years now and all of kidSwim’s instructors are certified and bonded and trained in kidSwim’s development method.

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