See Me Bubble

“Learning to swim is one of those rare double rainbows: while it builds a skill that allows for kids to have fun, at the same time it protects them from a life-threatening risk. On the happy side of the equation, swimming is a phenomenal source of exercise. ”
– Dr. Cara Natterson, Pediatrician


‘See Me Bubble’ is the first in kidSwim’s ‘See Me Swim’ book series for young children. This book series emphasizes the developmental method of aquatic education and water safety. ‘See Me Bubble’, introduces the first skill of water safety, blowing bubbles. By teaching your children to blow bubbles as the first water safety skill, you can be confident your child will understand the importance of water safety. Lisa Cook has been an advocate of water safety and drowning prevention for over __ years. Our developmental method embraces teaching children according to their age and developmental learning stage. These books are fun, engaging and gentle way to introduce infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to the concepts of learning to swim. This methodology of developmental education was created for all children, kid Swim believes every child should be water safe, regardless of age, socioeconomic background or disability.

Additionally, the book contains helpful parent tips and valuable water safety information in the back as well as our kid Swim Infographic, which breaks down developmental milestones by age. (According to the American Pediatrics Academy).

We hope ‘See Me Bubble’ starts the conversation of the importance of water safety and drowning prevention through aquatic education in your home. And allows your family to create memorable and safe experiences in all things swimming related.

– Lisa Cook, CEO & Master Swim Coach

Lisa Cook, CEO & Master Swim Coach

Our vision is a world where every child is water safe and childhood drowning is 100% prevented.






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What kids + parents are saying…

“Blowing bubbles is fun” – Preschool classroom, Little Village Nursery School in Los Angeles


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The kidSwim team has been hand-picked by founder Lisa Cook. Many of our administrative staff and instructors have been with the company for upwards of five to seven years now and all of kidSwim’s instructors are certified and bonded and trained in kidSwim’s development method.

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