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Stephanie J.
Longtime kidSwim Client

Our whole family loves KidSwim. My kids have worked with them for seven summers, and right around Spring Break they start asking when they get to start swim lessons again. Our instructor taught my 8 year old everything from his strokes to diving, and my 7 year old will master her strokes and hopefully start diving this summer.”

kidSwim Alumni

Lisa would play tons of games with my sister and I involving all sorts of things, from diving to the bottom to retrieve toys to races to bubble-blowing. She even let us make up our own, which really helped me take a sense of ownership and control over my time in the water. My lessons at KidSwim helped make the water my second home, which has enriched my life in so many ways over the years. I’ve been able to enjoy and excel at swim team and water polo, explore the incredible underwater world of scuba diving, and even become a certified lifeguard. KidSwim provided the foundation for a lifelong love of swimming, and I can’t imagine my life without the huge role water plays in it.

Andrea P.
Happy kidSwim client

“Valentine started teaching our daughter (age 4) last May, and the lessons went so well we added our son (age 2) when a time came available. Both children were swimming small distances with confidence and without support by the end of the summer! Valentine was warm, friendly and patient with both of them. She knew exactly how to get them to do the “work” while letting them have fun. She is well armed with toys and techniques! We look forward to having up her come back again this year.”

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Cara Natterson
Longtime kidSwim Client

“As parents, we honor each developmental milestone in our children, and yet when it comes to swimming we often think you need to throw that pace and joy out the window in exchange for fear and speediness. Lisa Cook reassured me that this is not the case – that just as kids develop slowly and in a step-wise manner, so too they learn to swim. This is how they become safe around water and how they learn to love playing or competing in it. This is what she taught my children and I am so grateful for it.”

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Beth K.
kidSwim Vacation Client

“We just finished 6 lessons with Martha over the course of our 10 day visit to Los Angeles, and wanted to put in a word for Martha. She handled our son beautifully, taking him from a kid who wasn’t sure whether he even wanted to get into the water to a kid whom we now can’t get OUT of the water. At his last lesson, he even had a few seconds of swimming on his own, which FAR exceeded our expectations of what he could do over the course of the week. She was gentle and patient but also persistent – a perfect personality match. And I understand that our pool location was not in her usual area, but she never complained and was a total pleasure to work with. Our son says he can’t wait to come back to Los Angeles so that he can “swim with Martha.”

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Kristen H
Private kidSwim Client

We had an amazing experience with KidSwim this summer at our house. My son was so comfortable in the water, and he made so much progress during his lessons. We will absolutely use kidSwim again this summer and anytime for our kids! Great experience and lovely people that really care about the kids and their development.”

Talia Natterson, Age 13
Longtime kidSwim Client

“I remember being nervous every time I would get in the water. But Lisa taught me to conquer my fears by showing me that swimming is insanely fun. I will never forget diving for rings in the bottom of the pool!,” says Talia. “I guess you have to be strong to swim – and I feel like swimming made me into a stronger person physically and emotionally.”

Lisa Cook
CEO & Master Swim Instructor
Allie Veneroso
Business Development
Tyler Ford
Customer Service
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Sierra Santana
Customer Service
Jules Ford
Office Manager
Jessica Millhiser
Director of Operations



The kidSwim team has been hand-picked by founder Lisa Cook. Many of our administrative staff and instructors have been with the company for upwards of five to seven years now and all of kidSwim’s instructors are certified and bonded and trained in kidSwim’s development method.

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