Frequently Asked Questions

We have created The kidSwim Method™ which actually details how we utilize a developmental approach in order to maximize effective and positive learning for each and every child we work with. Aligning with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for developmental milestones, we address swim skills in the same format that they do, from a motor/communication/sensory framework. Our developmental swim method approaches teaching kids to love the water at each age and stage, focusing on specific motor/communication/sensory skill development. Our program is designed to enhance and support those skills and that growth. In addition, we add safety words and physical skills that are developmentally appropriate to the age group.

This is the key to real learning — to meet each child at where they are developmentally. Once they’ve gained confidence and acquired specific water skills, we can push them beyond their comfort zone.

An intensive program offered with a concept that after one week or ten days your child will be swimming and/or water safe goes against a developmental practice of learning and can actually be more detrimental than helpful. If a child is a true beginner or non-swimmer, they need time to explore their new environments, become familiar with routine and learn skills in a very specific order so that they can begin to put concepts together and become a more confident and effective swimmer – one that can truly be water safe through experience and knowledge. One or two weeks is simply not enough time for true learning and can give parents and children a sense of over-confidence that isn’t warranted, putting the child in a position that they may not be ready for and can ultimately create potential drowning situations.

What we do recommend is that if your child has been taking lessons for a month or more and is showing definite signs of being on the verge of a major swim breakthrough, adding extra days for a few weeks will in fact help facilitate that transition faster. So it is fine to do 5 days in a row if your child is ready for that and enjoys swimming. If there is some resistance, then I recommend staggering the lessons with a day off in between for better results.

We have several locations in the Los Angeles area. Our pools are rented from private residences and the addresses to the pools are given upon enrollment. All of the pools are outdoors and heated. We have locations in and around Mar Vista, Cheviot Hills, Hancock Park and the valley. There are no other appointments going on when you’re in a lesson. This allows for a more calm and less distractive environment.

Yes! If you purchase our Full Season Reservation (FSR) package, you are able to maintain the same day and time for the entire season. Signing up for this package means you give kidSwim permission to charge your credit card on file every 10 lessons per our package rates and the FSR agreement. Slots fill quickly and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more details on this package, please contact the office.

If you do not purchase our FSR package, the MindBody system allows clients to purchase whatever time slots are available at their leisure if they have lessons available for use in their current package. We cannot reserve time slots for any clients longer than 24 hours under this method. It is suggested that if you have very specific day or time requirements, to purchase our FSR package and reserve your day/time as early as possible.

These classes give you the chance to start your baby’s socialization in the water, develop their motor skills, and start good safety habits. As parents, you will get the opportunity to learn how to best handle your baby in the water and how to further their progression. Most importantly, it will be a chance to create positive experiences that you and your baby will share in the water.

Our classes are small. No more than 6 participants (1 participant = 1 parent + 1 baby) in each class. These classes are broken up into age groups; 5-11 months, 12-18 months and 19-30 months.

We offer several six-week sessions between spring and fall at each location. You must enroll in each session you wish to participate in. Contact the office for open enrollment dates for the location you would like to attend.

The 5-11 & 12-18 month Parent & Child groups meet once a week for 30 minutes and the six-week session is $140. The 19-30 month group meets once a week for 40 minutes and the six-week session is $150. Visit our lessons page for more details and to enroll.

This is a difficult question to answer in a few sentences, but basically, water safety is a mindset, not a skill set. Water safety takes several years of experience and maturity to cultivate. In the meantime, keep your eyes on your child at all times around the water, thus ensuring their safety.

To request a more detailed “water safety explanation ” letter from kidSwim’s founder and Master Swim Coach, Lisa Cook, simply contact the office. We will be happy to send you her letter that explains this more in detail.

We cannot offer the exact amount of lessons it will take because each child is different and learns at their own speed. It’s like learning to walk and talk or ride a bike; they do it when they are ready. That being said, in order to move the progression forward, we recommend that you plan on having consistent lessons and suggest a schedule of 2-3 days per week. If you are only able to do 1 day per week that’s better than none! Our instructors will provide your child with the proper tools in order to move forward and they will make suggestions about what your child can work on in between lessons and in the off season.

Yes! Depending on the location of your pool, we can have an instructor come to you. Visit our location page to view our service areas.

What you can expect first depends on where your child starts: is s/he comfortable in the water; have there been previous positive or negative swim lesson experiences; what is your child’s age and maturity level? Those are just some of the factors that affect the end result.

We focus in the beginning on gaining the child’s trust, allowing them to feel relaxed and comfortable, seeing what their type of character is in new situations and how eager they are to try new things. Based on their initial comfort level, skill development may progress quickly, however, if they are tentative in general with new experiences or people they don’t know, we tend to give them time to adjust before pushing them outside their comfort zone. We see this as a long-term relationship and process which is proven to be the best way for a child to truly learn a new set of skills.

Secondly, what you can expect depends on the number of lessons you’ve committed to, and how regularly and consistently your child has been able to attend those lessons. Children who take on average 2-3 lessons a week do tend to progress faster than children who only take once a week. However, we’d rather see your child once a week than not at all! They still get so much out of the lessons, it just takes longer to make significant advancements.

Our instructors are lifelong swimmers, both recreationally and competitively. Many have pursued early childhood education degrees or theater arts degrees and have worked extensively with children of all ages. All are certified in CPR and are trained in the kidswim developmental method. Click here to view our team page.

KidSwim was founded in 2001 by Lisa Cook, a lifelong swimmer, and instructor since her teens and mom of two children. Click here for Lisa’s bio.

Bring them to kidSwim! The terrified child is one of our specialties. We know how to introduce (or reintroduce) your child in a safe, secure and fun way to the water, bringing them to a place where they can enjoy the fun and beauty of swimming. We do not encourage dunking or intensive schedules. We feel this can lead to a stressful environment and may cause the child to become fearful and overwhelmed. We also incorporate games into the lessons that will promote swim skills and safety.

Yes we do. In fact, we work with many parents who have nannies or caregivers who do not know how to swim. We are happy to teach any adult at any level. The pricing is the same.

We do not. However, we partner with Golden State Lifeguards and strongly encourage you to reach out to them for your lifeguard needs.

To view all of our policies (including cancellations) visit policy page.

To cancel a lesson, simply log into your MindBody account and click the “My Schedule” tab. From there, you can view your schedule and cancel any lessons. Or you can contact your instructor or the office for help.

Contact the office and give us your name. We’ll reset your password for you. If you don’t have a MindBody account, you need to create one.

Once you create a MindBody account / log into your account, simply click the appropriate tab at the top of the page for the type of lesson you are looking for (Private 1:1 / In Home Lessons or Parent & Child 6 week sessions). You will be shown the availability based on the schedule criteria you gave.

Once you log into your MindBody account simply click the “My Schedule” tab at the top. This is where you can view your schedule and also cancel any lessons.

Yes we do! Make sure you check the box that opts you in to receive promotional emails and our monthly newsletter. The newsletter will provide you with swimming tips, enrollment dates and promotions. We won’t clutter your inbox, we promise 🙂

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The kidSwim team has been hand-picked by founder Lisa Cook. Many of our administrative staff and instructors have been with the company for upwards of five to seven years now and all of kidSwim’s instructors are certified and bonded and trained in kidSwim’s development method.

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