Back to School Swimming


By Lisa Cook

LA is one of those confusing places sometimes. It’s definitely September and by now, post Labor Day, everyone is back in school. But we’re having another heat wave and it still feels very much like summer weather and swimming lessons are still going on, now in and around other more ‘fall-like’ activities such as soccer which I know started this week because my son plays.

Truthfully, its great to take advantage of these remaining weeks of warm weather because for many children you can really see the progress towards the end of summer when everything clicks and having those extra weeks keeps the skills fresh and consistent.

If schedules are becoming more challenging, once a week lessons are fine! At some point you’ll of course stop swimming for the winter and the holidays. Here are some tips to keep your children from forgetting all that they learned (this by the way stops when they’re about 5 but before that, its very common for children to forget that they know how to swim when they have a break for longer than 2-3 months)

Tip 1: practice when you get the chance! if the weather is nice and your pool heats up quickly, turn it on for a couple of days and jump in with your kids on the weekend or go night swimming (kids LOVE night swimming – to them its a huge treat). If you don’t feel like heating the pool, maybe just turn on the jacuzzi and get in there, practicing face in and bubbles and small glides, even floating (no jumps into a jacuzzi! too dangerous)

Tip 2: vacation! always a great time (and a great excuse) to get in the pool and swim. Plus most hotels that are kid friendly have small kiddie pools that are shallow enough for your children to stand in. Bring a few of their favorite diving or pool toys and don’t forget goggles if they use them

Tip 3: Show your kids a few of the pictures and/or videos you took of them over the summer – remind them of how well they swim and ask them to talk about what they remember about swimming lessons (I bet they’ll say the eggs!)

Tip 4: Start early in the spring. Believe it or not, this is such a great time to get some lessons in – gives them a head start before summer and they’ll progress even faster. Also spring break is often another time for family vacations in and around pools and water. Great to have them head off prepared with their swim skills fresh in their minds, then lots of vacation practice too!

Tip 5: Don’t panic!! If none of these things happen and your child seems to forget everything, I promise that about 2 weeks into next season it’ll all come back and after about a month of swimming again, there’s usually a huge jump forward in accomplishments.

As always, we wish you a fantastic fall and winter season! We can’t wait for next spring and we thank you so much for trusting our team with the very important task of teaching your child to swim and be safe!



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