Mission & Values

Our Mission

At kidSwim, we believe fear has no place in learning. Our focus is to create a safe and respectful environment where children can relax and truly enjoy the experience of learning to swim.

Our Values

1. Recognize Achievements. kidSwim pays attention to our instructors and their excellence. We always relay positive feedback from clients, and acknowledge each instructor’s commitment to the company. Additionally, we encourage our instructors to recognize their students victories, and to share them with the parents and with us.

2. Build on StrengthsDevelopmentally, we focus on what your child already does well. Additionally, we incorporate who they are as people into the lessons, which allows them to feel successful quickly, and avoids putting them into any position that goes against their nature.The same idea is applied to our instructors: we have instructors whose expertise is working with very young children as well as instructors who are best suited to older children. By capitalizing on the strengths of our instructors we find that they are happier and more relaxed knowing that what they do best will be allowed to really come through in their work.

3. Celebrate Successes. As we recognize achievements, we then are obligated to celebrate what become the little and big successes for our students and our instructors. Students receive medals and praise and perhaps some extra game time on a certain day, instructors receive bonuses, staff parties and gift cards letting them know how much they are valued and recognized.

4. Teach Joyfully. Joy is contagious, and inspiring. A student in the presence of an instructor who is teaching with a joyful spirit will no doubt thrive, and that positive energy will translate into a child who loves the water.

5. Be the Family Member that Families LoveYour swimming instructor, who is coming to your home several times a week for two to three months is, for all intents and purposes, a temporary family member. Our instructors are professional, prompt, reliable, focused and dependable. Your child should thoroughly enjoy the experience while the lesson is taking place, and when the instructor leaves, your child should look forward to the next lesson.

6. Every Client Can be Traced Back to the Very First ClientMost of our business is referral based and with slow and steady growth, we can mostly likely trace every client back to the very first family that Lisa started with in 2001. This means that it is crucial that every client be treated as though they are the first, thus ensuring that they are not the last.

7. Breathing is the Most Important Skill, Don’t Rush ItThis is really the cornerstone of our entire program and the focus on this skill is often what sets us apart from the competition. You may not know it going in, but years later you will see that we know what we are talking about when we say, without breathing, you can never truly be a water safe individual, nor a true water lover.

8. Quality vs. Quantity.  We stress the importance of one-on-one lessons because even though it may seem initially more expensive, we give your child undivided attention and every lesson is specifically about their needs and their skills. While an older child with many years of experience doesn’t necessarily need the same undivided focus and can often work better with another child present, a very young child should always have the teacher’s eyes only on them during their lesson. Additionally, we do not believe in ‘chunking’ lessons into five days in a row or ten days intensive. Young children retain information better when it is incremental and spread out over longer periods of time. It is also important to remember that swimming is a physical activity and one in which children are concentrating on many components at once. You get a better performance out of them if you give them a day off in between structured lessons to process the information and come back to it fresh.

9. Commitment to Safety Above All Else. Everything we do comes from a place of being safe. From our initial phone call with you we will get as much information about your child as possible so we can start with a positive experience from day one. Every skill we teach eventually leads your child to a place of safety and confidence, and our our insistence on no distractions and one on one attention ensures that safety is always our first priority.

10. On Time Every Time. A lesson that begins late is already at a disadvantage.

11. Give Back. Through kidSwim Cares we have partnered with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to create Swim for Smiles, a program that provides free swim lessons to children diagnosed with cancer. We firmly believe that community service is just as important as profits are. Through service you maintain heart and humanity, never forgetting those who face challenges in life. The best thing we can do to support our community is to give when we can without expecting anything in return.



The kidSwim team has been hand-picked by founder Lisa Cook. Many of our administrative staff and instructors have been with the company for upwards of five to seven years now and all of kidSwim’s instructors are certified and bonded and trained in kidSwim’s development method.

Phone: 888-579-7946